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Trying out my new stamps

I recently had a lovely long weekend in Hobart, Tasmania and came across this lovely little shop called Caravan – in the window were some beautiful wooden elephant and camel stamps and I knew that I just had to buy one!

After spending a good while exploring all that the shop had to offer, I finally decided on 4 new stamps:

My favourite is the fish… then the baby elephant. I couldn’t wait to get home and test them on some fabric!

I finally got round to using the stamps, along with some others I had stashed, and am very happy with how they turned out.

I used 4 different colours on a sponge roller to create the different colours on the stamps – the fabric pieces are great samples and can’t wait to get them printed on projects and gifts for people!

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Dye Day with Lisa Walton

Dye Day with Lisa Walton

I attended Lisa Walton’s Dye day class back in September and created some lovely pieces, as well as learning some great techniques – I am now addicted to dyeing fabric! I have put together a little video of the pieces I made:

We learnt about the primary and secondary colours and how to prepare your fabric, dye it and then wash and fix the dye. I would recommend going to the dye day of you want to learn the basics on how to start dying your own fabric.

I have finished a quilt top made mainly of the fabric from this workshop – I can’t wait to get it finished!

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Indigo and Shibori Workshop with Lisa Walton

Indigo and Shibori Workshop

The Indigo and Shibori Workshop with Lisa Walton was great fun – we used all sorts of items to create different patterns on fabric. We used a range of items such as:

  • Pebbles
  • Lolly Sticks
  • Clamps
  • Rubber Bands

When the fabric is dipped into the indigo vat and removed, the fabric will look green – before your eyes, it transforms into the beautiful indigo colour. The fabric used is 100% Cotton.

Have a look at the video below to see the pieces I made – I was even able create a sample block using what I had made and now have the mandala piece handing above my bed.

You can see Lisa’s video of the day here on YouTube where unfold the fabric after it has been dyed.

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Surface Design Workshop with Lisa Walton

It’s taken me a while to get the pictures sorted but back in May I had a great time at the surface design workshop with Lisa Walton (Dyed & Gone to Heaven) over a weekend and learnt some great techniques on how to design my own fabric. We used a range of techniques to pattern the fabric which I have also tried at home. Head over to Lisa’s website if you want to find out about these surface design techniques.

I’ve put together a gallery of the pieces that I left with at the end of the workshop as well as some pieces I made at home:

I have now started to create a reference book with the techniques I learnt from this course and the other courses I have attended (now 3 of Lisa’s courses) – over time this will be a great source of creative ideas for me 🙂

Surface Design Techniques

You can find out about the courses Lisa runs by heading over to her website and/or Facebook page.

I have had a go at home using similar techniques – they were a good test of what I had learnt. One thing that is important is how the fabric is dried – unfortunately the sun went in just as I put these out so they would have turned out more vibrant.

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Tula Pink Quilt

Tula Pink Quilt

Tula Pink is one of my favourite fabric designers and I have a bit (a lot) of her fabric.

It’s taken me a while but I have finally completed my very first Tula Pink quilt (and second ever quilt)! I backed the quilt with warm fleecy fabric and then free motion quilted it all together.

Tula Pink Quilt

It was lots of fun coming up with the top quilt design and glad it is finally finished! It’s a quilt just to use on the sofa when it gets a bit chilly at home in the evenings.

If you’ve not heard of Tula Pink, I would definitely go and check her out! I’m now working on a mini quilt with aeroplanes made from Tula’s fabric – watch out for the finished piece:

Tula Pink Fly with me

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My Felt Doll Gallery

My Felt Doll

I found Shelly Down’s amazing My Felt Doll book while at a craft show recently and have made a few versions since – I learning how to get them just right, but they are fun to make! The outfits are very cute and definitely lots of ideas for other felt dolls and outfits – sweet gifts for little people.

Shelly Down designs and makes some really cute things which can be found on her etsy page.

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Surprise Coloured Birthday Cake for Alex

Every year I always like to make my work colleagues a special cake or cupcakes for their birthday (or when I fancy baking)! It is normally travel themed due to the area I work in.

kitchenaid whisk butter icing
This year was no different and I made a super funky coloured birthday cake that had a range of colours inside – blue, pink and cream colour. I then covered the it in the best butter icing I think I’ve ever made with my lovely kitchenaid.

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Making Felt Flowers

Felt Flowers Lamp Shade

It’s been a while since I last posted, but I thought it was about time to change all of that! I have been busy being crafty and baking over the last few months so thought it would be nice to get it documented.
Make Felt FlowersAny time I have scraps of felt, I try and make as many ‘circle’ shapes I can to make felt flowers to then be sewn on to lots of different things! It’s a great way to use up any bits of felt that ‘s lying around and it very effective! This simple but effective technique was learnt on a course back in 2014 with Wendy Williams who has a great book that shows off a range of ways to use felt on quilts and cushions.

Make Felt Flowers

Using different colours to build the flowers up, I then use thread that stands out to sew them all together. So far they’ve been used to decorate a lampshade for my bedroom, a quilt block and a cushion or two.

Felt Flowers Lamp ShadeFelt Flowers Quilt Block

Have any scraps of felt lying around? Have a go at making your own felt flowers by cutting out circle shapes in varying sizes (they don’t need to be perfect as they look more flower like) and using different coloured felt to sew them together, build up the flower layers to create a range of different flowers. They can also make great broaches or key rings.

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I’ve been baking a bit recently

Heart Cupcakes

For some reason, I’ve been in a baking mood lately – this has ranged from cupcakes to bread.  I think it must be the fact it’s starting to get a bit chilly over here makes you want to eat lots of nice warm things and baking reminds me of home!

Below are some pictures of the things I’ve been baking… I have shared most of what I have been baking with work, although the bagels were too good to share!

All I can say is that my flat has been smelling amazing these last few weeks – the time and effort is totally worth it!

Blueberry Cupcakes
Blueberry Cupcakes

My friend from work was very spoilt for his birthday last month – he got two types of cake!

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I made a Bulldog toy!

British Bulldog Toy Face

I’m not great at keeping up to date with writing posts, however this is something I’m definitely going to work on this year! I have lots of crafty things to share and new projects starting all the time, that I should be able to post at least once every two weeks! I will also be working on my photography skills to take better pictures of my crafts.

The bulldog toys are something I made way before Christmas  2014 as presents for a friend and my brother, however I didn’t give my brother his until I went back to the UK in January. When I saw the pattern for this at a quilt trade show, I knew I just had to get it! My brother and my cousin are always talking about getting a bulldog so knew I could put it to good use!

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Cake Pop Course

Cake Pop Course

I went on another cake pop course at The Classic Cupcake Company with my friend to make Cake Pops that we found on one of those voucher sites. I had made cake pops ages ago but they weren’t the best and now know how to make them properly! Cake pops are simply to make and can use left over cake with some buttercream. You roll them into balls and cover in chocolate or icing.

Cake Pops
Cake Pops in the box

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