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Alice in Wonderland Cupcakes

Me and a friend recently went on an Alice in Wonderland Cupcakes course, where we learnt the skills to decorate cupcakes. This course was hosted by The Wright Partners, out in Neutral Bay and we had a fantastic time! The teacher and the other people taking the course were lovely and learnt some useful tricks along the way. The course runs quite often so check out their site if you are interested.

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I have put some of these skills to practice to make some aeroplane toppers which I will be putting up soon! We learnt how to shape the icing in different ways as well as getting to use different stamp cutters and it was great to work with a range of icing colours. Definitely the perfect cupcakes for an afternoon tea. I enjoyed making the bunny the most as it was simple to do but very effective.

I am looking at doing the ruffles course soon so pictures will follow…

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