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Best Unprocessed Banana Bread

Best Unprocessed Banana Bread

So, I had a baking day on Easter Monday and made banana bread, coconut cookies, a chocolate tart (all paleo recipes) and mini pizzas! I came across this¬†banana bread recipe, which I think is one of the best unprocessed banana bread recipes I have found so far, as it is very much like ‘processed’ banana bread and is so easy to make!

Mix wet ingredients, add dry and pour in to loaf tin and bake! My oven is a bit temperamental so ended up slightly darker round the edges than expected. But still tasted delicious toasted with some butter!Best Unprocessed Banana Bread

I found the recipe on My Heart Beets‘ website, which has lots of great unprocessed/paleo recipes – find the banana bread recipe here. I sprinkled some dried dates on top – I wasn’t too sure how the mix would hold up having the dates mixed in, but seeing how this came out, I will certainly be mixing them in next time!

I shared some with the people I work with and they loved it, especially after a weekend of eating lots of chocolate, as it contained nothing processed so was a guilt free treat!

If you want to find out other Paleo blogs, I have started to compile a list of my favourite ones here Рplease let me know if you have any you recommend.

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