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Surprise Coloured Birthday Cake for Alex

Every year I always like to make my work colleagues a special cake or cupcakes for their birthday (or when I fancy baking)! It is normally travel themed due to the area I work in.

kitchenaid whisk butter icing
This year was no different and I made a super funky coloured birthday cake that had a range of colours inside – blue, pink and cream colour. I then covered the it in the best butter icing I think I’ve ever made with my lovely kitchenaid.

The recipe I use makes a lovely soft sponge, so once the cake was cooked and cooled, I simply spread the butter icing over the cake, added an aeroplane motif and ta da!!

aeroplane birthday cake

The surprise was on the inside…. Layering up the coloured mix in the cake tin makes a super awesome pattern when the cake is cut in to!

funky coloured birthday cake

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