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My Felt Doll Gallery

My Felt Doll

I found Shelly Down’s amazing My Felt Doll book while at a craft show recently and have made a few versions since – I learning how to get them just right, but they are fun to make! The outfits are very cute and definitely lots of ideas for other felt dolls and outfits – sweet gifts for little people.

Shelly Down designs and makes some really cute things which can be found on her etsy page.

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Making Felt Flowers

Felt Flowers Lamp Shade

It’s been a while since I last posted, but I thought it was about time to change all of that! I have been busy being crafty and baking over the last few months so thought it would be nice to get it documented.
Make Felt FlowersAny time I have scraps of felt, I try and make as many ‘circle’ shapes I can to make felt flowers to then be sewn on to lots of different things! It’s a great way to use up any bits of felt that ‘s lying around and it very effective! This simple but effective technique was learnt on a course back in 2014 with Wendy Williams who has a great book that shows off a range of ways to use felt on quilts and cushions.

Make Felt Flowers

Using different colours to build the flowers up, I then use thread that stands out to sew them all together. So far they’ve been used to decorate a lampshade for my bedroom, a quilt block and a cushion or two.

Felt Flowers Lamp ShadeFelt Flowers Quilt Block

Have any scraps of felt lying around? Have a go at making your own felt flowers by cutting out circle shapes in varying sizes (they don’t need to be perfect as they look more flower like) and using different coloured felt to sew them together, build up the flower layers to create a range of different flowers. They can also make great broaches or key rings.

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Hand Sewn Felt Doll – Mimi Kirchner’s Pattern

Hand Sewn Felt Doll

I found this great Hand Sewn Felt Doll  tutorial online and pattern from The Purl Bee, which I found on pinterest and had to make it straight away! All I had to do was wait for my felt to turn up!

The pattern is Mimi Kirchner’s Hand Sewn Felt Doll as since finding it on pinterest, I have seen it everywhere! Below is my first attempt at making the doll so it isn’t great – I had to sew the arms on twice before finally getting it right!

Hand Sewn Felt Doll

I have attached the arms and legs on so that they can move up and down (in the tutorial only the legs move – I used the same principle for the arms) and purple felt for the legs as I didn’t have enough ‘skin’ coloured felt.

When I make the doll again, I will slightly alter the pattern, so I can make both the arms and legs moves and design and make some clothes that can be changed on the doll – I will probably make these out of fabric instead of felt as fabric will flow better. I’m thinking of making one for my mum for when I go back to the UK as it will be her birthday – although I have lots of ideas of things to make for her.

Make sure you check out the tutorial and pattern here – if you need some help finding suppliers of felt, I have come across so great shops so just ask.

I am thinking of drawing up my own doll template so watch this space!

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Easter Crafts – My first Easter in Sydney

I had my first Easter in Sydney this year and everywhere, apart from some cinemas and restaurants, is closed on Good Friday! Which ruined my plans – more things are opened on Easter Sunday!As this meant my plans to go shopping were no longer going to work out, I decided I would make some little easter decorations. I made a couple of little rabbits, a chick hatching as well as decorating some egg shaped pieces of felt – will add some ribbon to these so I can hang them up.Easter Crafts

I normally celebrate Easter at home with my family, and although not a religious occasion at our house, the Easter bunny always makes a visit and my mum will get the Easter decorations out. Being away from home this year meant that I had to celebrate Easter a bit differently and make my own decorations. They also make great little presents for little people!


Easter handmade felt

I have put together some templates for you to download and make your own Easter themed items.

I also found a really good Easter Egg Cupcake Recipe – I have made these so many times now that I can do it with my eyes closed (you can use rice pops)! Baking is a big part of home life especially for big occasions like Easter and Christmas.

Easter Cakes


If you have any Easter crafts that you would like to share, let me know.

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Alex’s Aeroplane Themed Birthday

Felt Aeroplane

I work within the travel industry, and I work with Alex, who is an aviation geek, so I thought I would make him an aeroplane themed birthday. This involved designing and making cupcakes with aeroplane toppers and making him a token aeroplane out of felt to use as a bookmark.

Aeroplane Icing Aeroplane Cupcake Aeroplane Cupcakes




It took me about a week to decide what sort of cakes to make – originally, I was going to go for the chocolate cake by Half Baked Harvest – although I knew I would use her icing as it’s fab. I then decided that I would do something that involved aeroplanes – and I then had to work out how I was going to do it! Finally, I decided I would make cupcakes with aeroplane toppers and went about deciding how to make them!

I had bought a tube of modelling icing while on the Alice and Wonderland Cupcake course so was able to use this, with some food colouring gel to make everything I needed for the aeroplane toppers!

First I made the aeroplane body – I rolled out balls of plain white icing, and rolled them into tubes, making one end have a point, and flattening the other end. I then cut small rectangles for the front window and stuck this to the flat side of the body.

For the wings, I coloured some white icing with some blue gel colour, and cut out some rectangles using a cutter. I then cut the rectangle in half to create two triangles.

I then placed the plane parts into an box, lined with greaseproof paper for the icing to dry out – I left this for about 2 weeks due to other commitments, but you can leave it to dry for less.

I made the chocolate butter icing, using white chocolate, and coloured a small amount blue, to create a marbled affect – the icing would represent the sky.

I presented the cupcakes in cupcake boxes so they could be easily transported to work and carried home easily (they wouldn’t move around!). Alex loved his aeroplane themed birthday 🙂

Aeroplane Themed Birthday


For the felt aeroplane I made, I drew this up by hand as I was unable to find any templates – I will draw up the template and put it on here so keep a look out!