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Alex’s Aeroplane Themed Birthday

Felt Aeroplane

I work within the travel industry, and I work with Alex, who is an aviation geek, so I thought I would make him an aeroplane themed birthday. This involved designing and making cupcakes with aeroplane toppers and making him a token aeroplane out of felt to use as a bookmark.

Aeroplane Icing Aeroplane Cupcake Aeroplane Cupcakes




It took me about a week to decide what sort of cakes to make – originally, I was going to go for the chocolate cake by Half Baked Harvest – although I knew I would use her icing as it’s fab. I then decided that I would do something that involved aeroplanes – and I then had to work out how I was going to do it! Finally, I decided I would make cupcakes with aeroplane toppers and went about deciding how to make them!

I had bought a tube of modelling icing while on the Alice and Wonderland Cupcake course so was able to use this, with some food colouring gel to make everything I needed for the aeroplane toppers!

First I made the aeroplane body – I rolled out balls of plain white icing, and rolled them into tubes, making one end have a point, and flattening the other end. I then cut small rectangles for the front window and stuck this to the flat side of the body.

For the wings, I coloured some white icing with some blue gel colour, and cut out some rectangles using a cutter. I then cut the rectangle in half to create two triangles.

I then placed the plane parts into an box, lined with greaseproof paper for the icing to dry out – I left this for about 2 weeks due to other commitments, but you can leave it to dry for less.

I made the chocolate butter icing, using white chocolate, and coloured a small amount blue, to create a marbled affect – the icing would represent the sky.

I presented the cupcakes in cupcake boxes so they could be easily transported to work and carried home easily (they wouldn’t move around!). Alex loved his aeroplane themed birthday 🙂

Aeroplane Themed Birthday


For the felt aeroplane I made, I drew this up by hand as I was unable to find any templates – I will draw up the template and put it on here so keep a look out!


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