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Favourite Blogs

Below are some of my favourite blogs and websites that I have come across that have given me some great idea and information. I have put them into categories so you find the ones you are interested in.


For the Makers – have lots of good ideas for crafty things – thinking of making the coffee cup sleeve



Maggie Whitely Designs – started selling on etsy, she also has a great blog about making a handmade business in 31 days

Favourite Recipes (including Paleo) Sites

Half Baked Harvest

I have started to look into the Paleo diet, and have found some great sites that have helped me. When I head back home to the UK I have lots of new cookbooks to buy!:

Against All Grain – great recipes for any every day meal.

Salted Paleo

Nom Nom Paleo

Paleo Cupboard

If you have any blogs that you want to share, contact me.

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