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I made a Bulldog toy!

British Bulldog Toy Face

I’m not great at keeping up to date with writing posts, however this is something I’m definitely going to work on this year! I have lots of crafty things to share and new projects starting all the time, that I should be able to post at least once every two weeks! I will also be working on my photography skills to take better pictures of my crafts.

The bulldog toys are something I made way before Christmas  2014 as presents for a friend and my brother, however I didn’t give my brother his until I went back to the UK in January. When I saw the pattern for this at a quilt trade show, I knew I just had to get it! My brother and my cousin are always talking about getting a bulldog so knew I could put it to good use!

British BulldogThe pattern is from the Funky Friends Factory shop – the lady who runs this creates some great toy patterns (I have bought a few) and are lots of fun to make! The bulldog above was made for my friend in Sydney for her 30th birthday – she is a big Canterbury Bulldogs fan so seemed fitting that I make her a bulldog – he now sits on her bed!

The one below was the one I made for my brother – I added in a collar with a little football charm to personalise it for him and was a lot more confident making this one than I was the first one I made! Getting the face correct is a bit tricky – on the one above, the face is slightly longer than the one below, however I think this gives the bulldog toys it’s own personality.

Handmade Bulldog Toy

I really enjoyed making the bulldog toys – the next one will be for my cousin, using some dragon fabric (he’s welsh), which I will take back with me to the UK in June (I have a couple of projects to finish before I head back in June). If anyone is interested in making one head to the funky friends factory website for the pattern – the main thing I learnt from making the toys was that it taking a lot of toy stuffing! I used nearly a 200g bag of stuffing, but should have used it all, if not more. If anyone is interested in one, message me and I will see what I can do 🙂

Handmade Bulldog Toys Handmade Bulldog Toys

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