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Panda Pin Cushion for Mum

It’s my mum’s birthday when I get back to the UK and like me she is very creative!! So I decided to make her some bits – this included a panda pin cushion as well as some jewellery.

I have drawn up the template I used to create the pin cushion – the face of the panda could be changes to look like other animals. I am thinking maybe a cat for the next one! You could also decorate the pin cushion with beads and ribbons – I went for a simple red heart on mine but you could definitely go crazy!


Panda Pin Cushion
Panda Pin Cushion

Download the AnnaFran-PandaTemplate template.

What you need:

Black and white felt – use other colours if you want to make a different animal

Black Embroidery thread and needle

Craft Glue

Toy Stuffing


1) Cut out the pieces of felt required as stated on the template.
2) Glue the eyes and nose onto the head – this will give it time to dry
3) Sew round the long edges of the arms and legs, leaving the small opening to be able to fill with stuffing

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