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Tula Pink Quilt

Tula Pink Quilt

Tula Pink is one of my favourite fabric designers and I have a bit (a lot) of her fabric.

It’s taken me a while but I have finally completed my very first Tula Pink quilt (and second ever quilt)! I backed the quilt with warm fleecy fabric and then free motion quilted it all together.

Tula Pink Quilt

It was lots of fun coming up with the top quilt design and glad it is finally finished! It’s a quilt just to use on the sofa when it gets a bit chilly at home in the evenings.

If you’ve not heard of Tula Pink, I would definitely go and check her out! I’m now working on a mini quilt with aeroplanes made from Tula’s fabric – watch out for the finished piece:

Tula Pink Fly with me

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