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Beginner’s Quilt Block Course

About a month ago I bought a sewing machine, and since then I have been busy making bits and pieces (like covers for my hot water bottles) and now have a project list as long as my arm!

Being brought up around quilting and other crafts, I have always wanted to learn how to make my own quilt – I have lovely quilts that my Grandma has made me and hope to make quilts as good as she does one day and one of them has even travelled with me to Sydney! I was always nervous about doing it so thought starting off with something small (with someone telling me what to do) would be a good idea.

What did I do?

I bought a Janome sewing machine from the Craft Depot in Pennant Hills – they do all different courses including one for beginners to learn the skills to start quilting, so thought that this would be a great way to start me off. The course ran for the day and provided lunch and the tutor and the people on the course were lovely.

There are so many different skills and techniques in quilting that the course I went on only scratched the surface, but learnt some great techniques and this was all done by making the quilt block pictured below. The techniques were simple but very effective. We started off the day by learning how to cut out the fabric as well as some rotary cutter safety – NEVER leave the blade exposed!

Quilt Block

I learnt some great techniques and tips to make the block above:

  • 4 and 9 square block (the squares in the middle)
  • Triangles (in the corner)
  • Binding
  • The different types of wading

I already have a quilt in mind – Australia/Travel themed using the fabric I’ve picked over the last couple of month and will detail the steps I have taken to make it! There are some great ideas on Pinterest for quilt block ideas if you want to find some ideas which I will be using to create mine (you can create a number of different quilt block patterns just from using triangles and squares!).

In November I will be doing a Christmas table runner course at the same place where I will learn about ‘Quilt as you go’ using multiple quilt blocks – watch out for pictures.

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